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About the Company

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Helping You Do More With Less

Do you want to increase sales with less time and money? Do you want to decrease operating costs for your fleet operations? 

If so, you are in the right place. We provide sales automation, media coverage, partner solutions, and business intelligence to drive better financial results. 

Utilizing our podcast distribution, SaaS platform, sales automation, and project management resources, we help our clients do more with less. 

Decades of Supply Chain Experience

Our experience includes: 

  • 120+ combined years of sales, marketing, engineering, and implementations
  • Over $300M in contracts negotiated from the buy side and the sell side
  • Over $10B in operating cost reductions for clients
  • Systems integrations with over 20 technology companies 
  • Led the sales and marketing for a company acquired by a $3.5B publicly-traded company
  • Managed the design and launch of a distribution center in the UK
  • Led 2 distribution center startups in Asia
  • Led 5 distribution center startups in North America 
  • Led many Industrial Engineering projects
  • Worked with clients in 9 countries across Asia, Europe and North America

Proven Strategic consulting

Before starting the company in 2018, our CEO Andy Hedrick worked for supply chain technology and consulting companies to sell and implement hundreds of projects with companies spanning Asia, Europe and North America.  He implemented supply chain projects in 9 countries and has worked with 70 of the top 100 private fleet companies in the United States.

This hands-on experience, coupled with the need to generate more revenue at the most effective price led Andy to search out the most effective solutions and to partner with other technology companies to drive better results. 

In 1992, while earning his Industrial Engineering degree, Andy was the 3rd employee of a logistics software company that would later be acquired by Trimble, a $3.5B publicly-traded company.  

Directly out of college in 1996, Andy went to work in international supply chain consulting where he was initially tasked with streamlining electronics repair and warehousing operations spanning Mexico and the US for a Fortune 500 electronics manufacturer.  He presented results and project plans monthly to the company leadership. 

He then traveled to Asia and Europe in delivering projects for other international companies. He was always working to deliver great improvements and to sell the next big improvement idea based on current project goals. 

The first consulting company he worked for helped clients launch overseas operations and streamline existing operations.  He traveled throughout the world helping to launch distribution operations and also helping to generate better results with less cash outlay

After being a road warrior for years, he settled down in his home state of Oklahoma and started a family. Andy has been a featured speaker at numerous supply chain conferences, and has provided insights and thought leadership for leading supply chain publications based on those hands-on experiences around the globe.